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It is very important to consult an attorney familiar with franchising laws before committing to a franchise obligation so that you can be made aware of potential pitfalls and to insure that you know your rights. Stephen M. Feidelman, P.A., can assess franchise opportunities for a prospective franchisee by reviewing the offering circular, franchise agreement, and related documentation. Our legal services aim to serve the best business interests of the client. Headquartered in Hollywood, Florida, Stephen Feidelman has wide-ranging experience in counseling and representing individual franchisees with their franchise-related legal issues

Practice Areas

Preparation of franchise agreements

Review of franchise disclosure documents

Franchise licensing and renewals

Compliance with state and federal franchise laws

Franchise transfers

Franchise and dealer litigation and dispute resolution

Our Mission – To Stand Beside Our Clients

The firm’s objective is to provide expert legal guidance and customized innovative solutions to the franchise-related issues that clients face. Franchise disclosure documents often require a highly skilled franchise attorney to interpret what the documents include and – more importantly – what they omit.

Offering Advice to Clients in Florida and Nationally

Florida franchise law attorney Stephen M. Feidelman has counseled or represented franchisees in many states across the U.S., as well as franchisees of various regional franchisors. Additionally, Mr. Feidelman has represented franchise clients on an extensive range of legal issues concerning franchise laws, as well as in various business transactions.

News & Blogs

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Businesses, such as retailers or service providers, often wish to use another company’s protected name, trade dress or logo in association with the marketing of their own business. The marketer believes this is proper since it sells, repairs or offers services...

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